Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Etsy Wishlist

The EtsyBloggers team is writing about what they would like for the holidays from Etsy. I don't really want or need much this year, but I searched around and found some cool things. Before I share them, I'd like to inform shoppers about a cool Etsy App that could come in handy this holiday season, Gift Ideas for Facebook Friends. Etsy promises to "be cool" and not post to your wall without permission, contact your friends, or share your personal data. It searches for gifts for your friends based on what they "Like" on Facebook. I haven't found it to be completely accurate, but its a fun time suck and maybe you'll stumble upon something accurate!

I came across this bangle, by ValleGirlDesigns, and it cracked me up. It features Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's quote, "Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History." The lettering was burned, and then the bangle was stained and sprayed with several acrylic coats. Just a wearable warning for the well behaved women out there!

Sometimes in Pilates I get frustrated with the zipper hoodie that I wear, which can get in the way of my moves. The fitness room is kept too cool to go without one until I'm warmed up, so it's a necessary evil. How about this Hanuman Black Tube Sleeve by Kayayogawear?! It looks like it would keep the arms warm without getting in the way.

As a hiker, I can appreciate these bear bells/hiking bells by CaliforniaCollarCo. Though they are most likely intended for a four-legged hiking companion, as the name of the business indicates, they can also be hooked onto a belt loop or hiking pack!

I already make glass tile pendants, Scrabble tile pendants, and bottle cap pendants, so I'm not interested in taking on any more of those projects, but I wouldn't mind owning some domino pendants made by TaylorRain1, like this "Make someone happy. Mind your own business" extraordinary domino pendant. Her pendants are collaged, stamped, and have fun and sassy quotes. They are sealed with a high quality scratch free resin.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Devine Designs

Cindy, of Devine Designs, is a very talented jewelry artist. She has always been crafty, sewing swimming suits and dance costumes, and now working with with metal. Creativity comes naturally to her, stating that she has some talented family, but she has also studied under other talented artists and learned a lot of the art on her own. She only uses high quality components and each piece is unique.

You can see her talents meticulously put to work on this amazing piece, Goddess Spirals.

I love how she boldly mixes metals in pieces, like in these Western Style Earrings.

She also has some items that are more beads than metal, like this Fiesta Necklace.

You can also find Devine Designs Jewelry on her blog and on Facebook: