Monday, March 30, 2009


I've added three new pieces recently to my shop as part of a butterfly theme. As a nature girl I like to incorporate nature into my jewelry, or at least into their titles.

Metamorphosis is a memory wire choker I made with beads symbolizing all the stages in the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Look carefully to see if you can figure them out!

This necklace I had difficulty naming and turned to the Etsy community for help. ACelticgirl2 suggested Sunsets Flight because the colors remind her of those in a sunset, saying, "Reminds me of when the sun is setting and there are yellows and deep pinks to purples." Click on her name to visit her shop.

Rainbows and Butterflies is a double stranded choker necklace with glass beads and fresh water pearls. The pendant is wire wrapped and hangs at an angle from the tip of one wing. Life isn't always rainbows and butterflies, but there's no reason that your jewelry can't be!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Evidence of Spring

I've had the pleasure of going on two guided tours of Moreau State Park with David Alfred, one in the rain and one in the dark. I came across a video on, the website for my local newspaper, of David giving a brief virtual tour of the Park showing us signs that spring has sprung! David is an assistant environmental educator at the Park. Click on the picture below, of David showing us a mushroom, to be redirected to website hosting the video.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More by Nora

Nora is our featured seller on the EtsyBlogger team this month. I've actually done a feature on her in the past, if you'd like to read it!

I know her for her adorable polymer clay flower earring studs! She is currently having a sale right now, offering $1.00 off your purchase in honor of her 100th blog post. Quite a milestone! Her lovely studded earrings are all on sale, each price reflects the markdown. She indicates the original price in the listing.

Congrats, Nora, I still love your stuff!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?

Although the spring equinox lands in March, you can't put a date on the season in Upstate New York; I can remember a snow shower as late as May a few years ago. Last year I wore a sweater and boots to church on Easter Sunday, and at the end of my freshman year in college there was a sizable snow storm in late April. I was going to wait until the end of March to list some spring and summer items but I'm coming down with spring fever. I've had enough of the white stuff!

The two newest items in my inventory are earrings made with wire bird nests. Unlike my bird nest pendant that got got a lot of attention last year, these are smaller and made with only one "egg."

The brown Bird Nest Earrings were made with brown colored copper wire and a teal fresh water pearl. Antiqued copper earring hooks hold the nest at a side angle so that the nest is facing forward instead of upward.

My Nesting earrings are really cute. I used silver plated copper wire for the nest and a teal fresh water pearl in the center. They hang from a chain which is tagged with a silver colored metal mother bird charm. The ear wires used are sterling silver. I hope to finish a matching necklace soon!

Looking ahead to summer, I made a flower ceiling fan pull, but a friend of mine asked for it before I could list it in my store. Just thought I'd share it with you anyway.

Ceiling Fan Pull

Sunday, March 1, 2009

An Outdoorsy Carnival: March 2009

Welcome to the March 1, 2009 edition of an outdoorsy carnival.

Advice Column

Jack Clifton presents Building a Deck Low to the Ground posted at How to Build a Deck.

Matthew Paulson presents Safety Reminders For Winter Weather posted at American Consumer News.

Steph White presents Discovering Pet Lizards: Bearded Dragons posted at Discovering Pet Lizards, saying, "The Bearded Dragon Lizard, belonging to the genus Pogona, is probably the most popular of all pet lizards. He gets his name from his spiney covered throat which is beard-like when puffed up. Adult bearded dragons will grow to around 20" in length, with males being slightly longer, but females slightly heavier."

MyMaria presents Caring for Pullets in Winter posted at Frugal Homesteading Blog, saying, "Advice on caring for your outdoor chickens during cold weather."

Kristen Garcia presents Choosing a Summer Camp for Your Child posted at Life Of Kristen, saying, "Summer camp can be a memory that lasts for a lifetime, good or bad, for a child. Hopefully this article can help make it a good memory!"

Aquatic Life

steven germain presents Rough Fractals: Oar Fish, Sea Serpents and Sigmund Freud posted at Rough Fractals, saying, "A fascinating fish..." presents Trip to Kanyakumari: Chapter 14: Muttom Beach: Part 1: Sunset posted at

Liz Wright presents Kayaking in Key West posted at Travelogged.

In the Woods

Gary R. presents Preparing for a Backpacking Camping Trip posted at Camping Tips, saying, "Backpacking isn't for the faint of heart, instead of pulling into your designated 20 x 40 campsite and unloading your camping equipment from the car, you'll have to be prepared to camp in uncertain situations, carrying everything you need on your back."

Gary R. presents Traditional vs. Rustic Camp Sites posted at Camping Tips, saying, "An increasing number of campgrounds are offering visitors the choice of both traditional and rustic campsites."

Green Thumb

Nancy Muller presents A Ton of Garden, A Tiny Space;Strawberries for the Apartment Dweller or Suburbanite « Recession Depression Therapy posted at Recession Depression Therapy, saying, "A little advice for the gardener with no space and big dreams of Strawberries"

Lauren Rose presents Seven Gardening By the Yard Tips posted at Own Home Style .com, saying, "Here are some hints on how to keep your garden by the yard looking smartened up and glamorous."

Open Air

Travel Advocate presents Top Snow Tubing Travel Destinations Revealed posted at The Travel Advocate.

Sharron Lea presents Border Collie posted at The Art of Walking.

GrrlScientist presents African Diaries: Sketches & Observations posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, "My review of the new outdoorsy book by David Derrick. African Diaries combines art and sculpture with field biology and travel as the author searches out and observes exotic wildlife and native peoples in the African nation of Kenya."

Lazy Man and Money presents The Winter Outdoorsman?s Guide to Hypothermia posted at Lazy Man and Health.

Gary R. presents RV versus Tent Camping posted at Camping Tips, saying, "Drive through any campground and you'll quickly see that camping equipment runs the gamut from $20 pup tents to $400,000 motor homes, complete with satellite TVs and Astroturf."

The Pet Chatter presents A day in the life of an animal communicator posted at Pet Chatter, saying, "Pelting snow, rambunctious horses, hysterical chickens and a naughty dog all rolled up into one interesting day."

Lola presents February « 2009 « posted at

Gin presents Open a Renaissance Fair posted at Sense Scribe, saying, "Articles on business, health, technology and science for learning."

Outdoor Olympians

thebarefootbadger presents Commuting by Bicycle: Why It?s a Good Idea and How to Do It Safely posted at The Barefoot Badger, saying, "Put your passion for outdoor recreation to practical use, and you've got an excuse for healthy, fun exercise every day."

Gary R. presents Great Campground Games posted at Camping Tips, saying, "Camping can be a great family activity �C but don��t expect your children to sit around and enjoy reading or relaxing like you do."

The Fairway Golf Slicer presents How to Swing a Golf Club and Other Favorite Golf Pictures posted at How to Swing a Golf Club, saying, "Wanted to start you off with a golf swing animation that is worth watching for a few moments. It shows good professional swing technique, and you do not have to buy a golf swing training video to appreciate this good technique."

Michael Miles presents Effortless exercise posted at Law of Attraction - Effortless Abundance.

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