Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tag - Round Five

I'm quickly realizing that my blog networking is leading to serial attacks of being tagged "It". This round is similar to round 1 (Seven things about me) and round 3 (seven random facts about me PLUS seven strange things about me for a grand total of 14 things that nobody ever wanted to know about me all of which are all strange because I am far beyond normal), which I combined with Round 4, broke the chain, and just did a little feature on the two people that tagged me.

I began to wonder if I have such an interesting life that I even have six secrets. I decided I did, though not many juicy ones. I'm not sharing the dark ones because then I won't have any secrets, making me more boring than you initially thought. I'll just share the... lesser known.... aspects of my life.Still with me? So if I haven't already put you to sleep, here are six secrets about me.

Ok here it goes. Deb, aka Storybeader, tagged me. I have to tag 5 people. I'm going to tag the newest of the newbies on the Etsyblogger team, since I know quite a bit about the longer term members but not much about them. Initiation? Getting to know you? Whatever.

1. I am absolutely EVIL for about 1 -2 hours after waking up in the morning. Don't talk to me because I have nothing nice to say, however, your chances of surviving are directly proportional to the amount of coffee that you provide me.

2. I am jealous that Deb knows Stormy's real name. I am providing an Etsy Mini below of Stormy's work in hopes that I can bribe her into telling me her real name.

3. I'm not a hugger. If I hug you it will be awkward - it's nothing personal.

4. I TiVo programs on Discovery Health Channel and TLC. I also yell at the TV when shows and medical programs make ignorant and inaccurate statements and assumptions, particularly pertaining to the laboratory. For example, a doctor on General Hospital once asked another character to donate blood for a dying character because they too had the rare blood type AB and said that the patient could only get AB blood. False. They can get A, B, AB, or O blood. And the Red Cross tests donor blood for things like HIV prior to providing the supply to the hospitals. Obviously. I almost stopped watching. In sum, secret #4 is that I'm a big dork. Mmmmmm, actually, that's not really even a secret.

5. I have Dopa Responsive Dystonia. My fingers do stupid things, I like to think that beading makes them stronger.

6. As opposed to adult secret #1 when I was a kid, caffeine used to make me evil, thus I couldn't even eat a candy bar until I was about 12. There are stories of childhood me dressed up like Peter Pan jumping from couch to chair to other furniture after a grandmother had secretly given me a contraband Snickers bar for Halloween.

Sorry that Storybeader asked?

Anyway, now I tag:


Human Touch Designs



Welcome to the Etsybloggers Team!

Coffee picture borrowed from here.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Etsy Bloggers Team Carnival - September 29, 2008

Welcome to the September 29, 2008 edition of etsybloggers! I'm hosting this carnival. The two topics were "Autumn" and "In Summery." Thats not a typo, its a summary of the summer! Thanks to everyone for participating!

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Monday, September 22, 2008


While summer is my favorite season, the fall is be a close second. I love the long warm sunny days of summer, going camping, and of course the drive-ins. Fall brings shorter, cooler days but a beautiful foliage in Upstate New York. It also brings thousands and thousands of people to my home town for the annual Adirondack Balloon Festival.

Thirty-five years ago, the first Balloon Fest was hosted at what was once known as the Warren County Airport. My grandmother lived close by, and woke up to the whooosh sound of the burners in the baskets. Not knowing what the noise was she looked out the window to see a hot air balloon above the yard picking leaves off the top of the tree.

I remember her taking me every year, right up until I was a sophomore in college. We'd get up at 4am and have a quick breakfast of muffins and cereal and rush off trying to beat the traffic to the airport. No matter how early we left, we would be backed up in traffic for miles. We'd talk about how smart the bike riders were, as they would get there well ahead of us, but we were much warmer in the car. She pulled me around the airport in a little red wagon for my first few years, buying me hot chocolate which was a special treat since I wasn't allowed caffeine at that age. Winter coats and mittens were necessary; even though it is held in mid September, the early morning is too brutally cold to walk around in.

It had been 8 years since I attended the event, so I found a group of friends including Sister to go bike riding to the evening balloon launch on Saturday. Though it was uphill both ways, we beat the traffic both in and out of what is now called the Floyd D Bennett Airport. It appeared as though the balloons were not going to launch, possibly due to the wind, but finally one crew inflated their balloon and many more were quick to follow. We returned to where we locked up our bikes to find that someone had cut our locks. Fortunately, our bikes and helmets were not taken. Lesson learned - you can't chain a bike to a fence at an airport apparently. Here is a video I created to summarize the event. Hope you like music from the Cold War era! This is the English version of Nena's "99 Red Balloons," with a video from the festival including the bike ride.

Check out my photo set on Flickr.

Friday, September 19, 2008

An Interesting Project

My mother-in-law recently introduced me to Brooke, another Etsy seller, who recently rolled with a very interesting idea. She opened a second shop, ThePearProject, on Etsy where she sells old materials for new inspirations. Anyone who purchases from this shop is invited to send her pictures and links of their creations made with her items, which she will then feature on her blog.

After breaking the ceiling fan pull in my kitchen, I decided that I would eventually make myself a new one. I saw ball chain necklaces for sale in ThePearProject, and contacted Brooke hoping I could buy more than the five that she had for sale. She got right back to me, creating a listing for 10! They arrived a few short days later and I got to work. Trying to think of popular colors and themes in kitchens, I decided to make one for a fruit themed kitchen. It wasn't until I was done making this polymer clay fruit ceiling fan pull that I realized that I found inspiration in not only the chain, but her shop name as well! The Pear Ceiling Fan Pull is made with green polymer clay mixed with eye shadow to make it look like a real piece of fruit. I then painted it with clay gloss so it would shine.

I made a second one out of aventurine beads. I'm sure there is a home with a green room and a ceiling fan, or at least a family in need of prosperity! Aventurine is a variety of quartz that is thought to have an all-purpose healing effect, such as calming the soul and reducing stress. Not only that, but it is thought to bring prosperity, creativity, inner peace, and even luck to gamblers! If you could use inner peace, luck, and creativity, then you might want the Aventurine Heart Ceiling Fan Pull.

It turns out that the balls on the ball chain necklace are slightly smaller than those of standard size ceiling fan pulls, so I attached a slightly larger endcap so that they will fit on standard ceiling fans. While I will probably use ball chains from the hardware store to make more pulls, I plan on using the rest of these necklaces to sport my handmade decoupage pendants, such as my Fall Foliage Colorburst Pendant.

Here is my feature on The Pear Project Blog. Now go and buy from her shop before she's sold out!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The leaves are changing colors...

...and your jewelry can too!

I got my inspiration for this piece from a leaf shaped piece of wood and a sheet of scrapbook paper. I thought the leaf would make a nice fall pendant and went in search of something to decorate it with. In the scrapbook paper aisle, I found a single sheet that had both a red-orange pattern and a beige and tan pattern. Instantly, the thought "REVERSIBLE PENDANT" came to mind.

I used decoupage technique to glue and laminate the paper on both sides. I drilled a
hole through the top and wrapped around gold plated wire to create a bail. It is on a simple brown leather cord and fastened with gold plated ends and a clasp. I gave it the title Reversible Maple Leaf Pendant. Feeling red-hot and bold today? Wear it on the flashy side. Feeling mellow? Go beige and tan. Or switch it up in the middle of the day... The leaves are changing, why can't you?

100 Posts

It has occurred to me that I have 100 blog posts now! I went back to see my first post because I couldn't remember what it was. When I saw it I literally laughed out loud. I must have thought that by making my post title my Etsy Shop web address that it would be clickable right to my store, not to the post. Aaaaahhhh newbies.

Anyway, my first two posts were short and basically said, "This is what I did today BUY SOMETHING."

Since my first couple posts, I think I've come a long way. BeadingDaily.com discovered me from my post about my birds nest choker. I was excited to see how much exposure my blog and shop got that week.

I've learned a lot about blogging, such as adding widgets, stat counters, and especially editing HTML codes. After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, I figured out how to make three columns (to hold more widgets), and made my little Favicon, which is the little tiny icon in the address bar to the left of my blog's address. You may have noticed that I make most of my links open up to a new window now. If you are wondering how, you just add target="_blank" in the HTML after your hyperlink. For example, when I linked the word "post" in the paragraph above, I got it to open in a new window by doing this:

I've participated in many blog carnivals, and even hosted a few. I've blogged not just about crafting and my jewelry, but also about hiking, cake decorating, and other things that I enjoy. By watching my Feedjit Live, I can see that people are still readinging my Etsy Tutorials.

Speaking of cake - my mother-in-law sent me an eCake:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

☼ ☼ ☼ End of Summer Sale ☼ ☼ ☼

Until the fall equinox, I'm having an End of Summer Sale! Items in my shop tagged summer sale range from 5-20% off the original price (prices rounded off, as I don't like dealing with small change). Sale ends September 22, 2008. See my store for details.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Breaking the Chain

Remember back before email forwards, there were the dreaded chain letters? I personally did not receive too many, but I remember my mom would open one up and groan. "Send this to seven people, or else!" Snail mail chain letters... how retro.

I came across an article on Silcom.com, "Chain Letter Evolution," in which the author studies chain mail trends, and gives a little history. The author points out that prior to photocopiers, chain letters were typed or handwritten; can you imagine? (Of course, some of you probably can.) This led to misspellings, misprints, and variations of future chain letters.

In the era of internet and email, they are passed much more quickly with just a click of a button. Some electronic chain letters promise luck, wealth, or true love, but warn of eternal unhappiness for breaking the chain. I just take my chances and delete them all now, figuring if anybody is monitoring what lands in my private inbox and what I send to others, then I have more problems than I thought.

Since the birth of chain and spider email, an even newer internet chain has evolved - the blog meme. I've now been tagged "it" on two blog memes, twice. I feel guilty for breaking the meme chain, as my blog taggers thought enough of me to play. Instead just breaking the chain, I'm going to give my two recent taggers a little exposure, since they were kind enough to link to my blog in theirs!

On the topic of chain letters being somewhat retro, ironically so are my taggers!

TexasVintage tagged me passing on the Brillante Blog Award. Technically it was my first time being tagged with this title, but I had previously been tagged with the Primio Arte y Pico award, which is similar enough to make me not want to play again, plus I'm running out of friends to tag. TexasVintage is a fellow EtsyBloggers teammate, and has a beautiful blog, "Adventures in Vintage." There are a lot of cool vintage items in her Etsy shop, and as a child of the 80's I have a not-so-secret love of things from that decade - and nothing says 80s like a puff sleeves sweater dress! Check out her Vintage 80s St. John Knit Day Dress!

Another EtsyBlogging buddy, we'll call her HBIC for short, tagged me for a variation of a "seven things about me" meme, but this called for 14! Nobody wants to hear fourteen things about me, trust me. Want to guess what HBIC sells? Handmade retro kitchen items and other household things! I love the retro trapezoid mouse pad below. I found on her blog, "Home Deconomics," a link to another retro blog, "Trapped in the 80s Moms," which I now subscribe to.

Anyway, thanks TexasVintage and HBIC for thinking of me!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vanderwhacker Mountain

On our tenth fire tower hike, we were blessed with good weather and good company. The hike was Vanderwhacker Mountain, elevation 3385 feet.

There are elements of both good and bad when hiking in a group. One down side is that everyone seems to walk at a group pace, meaning the slower ones struggle to keep up, the faster ones take it down a notch so that they are not rushing everyone else. My sister and I don't actually take breathers, but we do take a lot of "photo-ops." If we get to catch our breath and grab a sip of water while photographing a pretty flower, an interesting creature, or the current weather conditions, then so be it. Luckily, we did not find the need to rest take pictures too often.

An obvious benefit to hiking in groups is the unexpected help that you will need at times. Our winter hike up Hurricane Mountain not only gave us safety in numbers, but the availability of spare emergency equipment - such as a kind companion lending Sister their extra snowshoes after her "wardrobe malfunction." You never know when your snowshoe will break! Besides the assistance, we enjoy hiking with the Adirondack Mountain Club because you get to meet interesting people with common interests, and hear about their adventures and even some close-calls. It's definitely a learning experience, from identifying wild flowers to history of the area, and even some advice on what to do, and what not to do in the wild.

Our convoy consisted of three small sedans, as we followed each other from a local restaurant to the trail head. Luckily we were greeted by a few other hikers, equipped with high clearance four-wheel drive vehicles. God knows my Corolla may have made it down, but not back up the narrow bumpy dirt road, at least not without wrecking its guts. A pick-up truck and an SUV served as our shuttles from the main road to the trail head, saving us about 2.5 miles each way of extra walking.

The ridiculous amounts of rain we had throughout a good portion of the summer left us large mudpuddles on the trail; some spots gave false illusions of being shallow little patches but left me stuck nearly up to my ankles in brown gunk. We bushwhacked to get around some spots, but we eventually found ourselves not caring anymore, tramping through the puddles, daring the mud to stop us.

The hike was rated B because of the distance, but there weren't really any tricky steep spots. We conquered the 2.7 trail to the summit in about 2 hours and 15 minutes, resting only a few times. Most of the wildflowers are gone now, though we did see Indian pipes, which I had seen for the first time a few weeks prior in the Catskills, and those dark blueish purple berries that look like blueberries - but they aren't.

Feel free to leave a comment if you know what these are called

We stopped at the observer's cabin for water and pictures. The cabin is all boarded up, and on the door is posted a sad sign dated from the week before, asking hikers to look for a missing dog that ran away at the summit. Next to the cabin on the other side of the trail is a dilapidated building, perhaps it was a shed at one time. I think the pretty orange flowers surrounding the cabin are called "touch me nots."

The summit provided a break in the trees with a nice view north to the high peaks. However, the best views were from the cab of the tower where there was a 360o panoramic view.

There is an amazing views of Algonquin Peak, Avalanche Pass, as well as Mounts Colden. Redfield, Marcy, Haystack, Allen, Gothics, Sawteeth, Nipple Top, Dix, and Macomb. If you click on the picture, your will be directed to the picture on my Flickr page, where I hope I have accurately identified each mountain.

Click me! Click me!

The Aermotor tower was built in 1918 and remains in good condition thanks to the efforts of the DEC, AmeriCorps, and the Friends of Vanderwhacker Fire Tower. This tower replaced the original wooden tower, which was build in 1911. Operation of the tower ended in 1988, and officially closed in 1989.

Visit my Flickr set for more pictures and information about Vanderwhacker Mountain

Information from:
Views from on High by John P. Freeman

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Halloween items have been added! Check out my spooky decoupage spider web necklace, fun polymer clay items, and my classic agate gemstone beaded necklace. Prices range from $3.00 to $41.00. Click on any of the items below to hurry up and get in the Halloween spirit! Boo!

Charlotte's WebPumpkin Patch Earrings
Don't Worry, Be Pumpkin NecklaceBlack Widow Necklace

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pool Girl

For our next carnival, the EtsyBloggers are blogging about a contest or challenge they were in, or how their favorite color is incorporated into their work. Somehow the color blue end up all over my shop, but it isn't my favorite color - I really don't know how that happens...

The BluesMiracle Planet Earrings
The ShinerCrocheted Pearl Necklace

Anyway, I've been blogging about The Fire Tower Challenge since my Sister and I began the adventure. The challenge requires that we climb a total of 23 fire tower mountains - 18 out of the 23 in the Adirondacks and all five in the Catskills. If you haven't read about our hikes so far, click the picture of me in the right sidebar, standing in the snow in front of a fire tower.

Since I cover the Fire Tower Challenge frequently, I'm going to talk about a little known fact about me. I always had a job in high school so I never played any sports. The first and only official sports team I had been on was the Billiards League my freshman year of college. I was one of the only girls - if not the only girl - to join the Billiards League. It was pretty much a joke and a disappointment, but I didn't have to pay to use the facilities when competing or waiting for an opponent to show face. At first, nobody ever showed up to my matches, so I won my first three by default. I won my fourth match fair and square - the guy I beat didn't appreciate that, making up excuses as to why he wasn't on his game that day. I was doing very well at my fifth match, until I scratched on the eight ball. Lucky for him, he still had several of his balls left on the table. That was the end of the tournament, but not a bad finish for a girl.

At Fat Tuesdays in Key West

Though I'm out of practice now, I actually became very proficient with the pool cue when I was eight or nine. As an only child, playing pool in the basement was one of the ways I entertained myself. When people see a woman at a pool table, I think they have a natural tendency to assume that she won't do well, so it always cracks me up to see the look of people's faces when I sink three or four in a row. My favorite pool match was at a bar near my college. My friends and I liked to go there for half off drinks and free chicken wings on Fridays during happy hour. There was a pool table in the back that the hardcore townies usually dominated, bringing their own pool cues and chalk. On one Friday, my friend's boyfriend and I put our quarters down to claim the next game while the owner of the bar and his friend were playing. The bar owner bet us ten bucks that we would loose, but we were still up for the challenge. Half the bar circled in on us out of curiosity as we put them to shame. He never did pay up....

After my wedding

Meet the Team Captain

Joeyandalleethea is a two-year veteran at Etsy.com, and the founding leader of the EtsyBloggers Street Team which became an official team about a year ago. She has finally conceded to being the EtsyBloggers Street Team's Featured Blogger of the Month, after giving the crown to several fellow teammates, including me, before giving it to herself. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, our team was even featured in The Storque and a team treasury was put on the front page for an hour of additional fame.

Joey, as we call her, is a talented mother, making "super cutesie" items for baby boys, girls, and their peeps. She and her husband have an adorable two year old son and a newborn baby girl, which make great models for her items.

Her Anklebiters Lounge Pants are probably my favorite item in the shop, mostly because I want an adult sized pair. I'm all about comfy clothes!

And check out the bib for a black tie event - the James Bond Tuxedo Bib.

When baby shower shopping, I typically can't figure out what or where anything on the registry is. I often resort to clothes and bibs, as I understand their functions, and they are easy to find. One of my favorite gifts to give are novelty bibs and onesies. I think this Make Love Not War Onesie is a riot.

Anyway, check out her Etsy Shop, check out her blog. She takes custom orders as well, but book in advance because she's really popular!

Monday, September 1, 2008

An Outdoorsy Carnival - September, 2008

Welcome to the September 1, 2008 edition of an outdoorsy carnival. Thanks to everyone that participated.

Advice Column

Mike Bergin presents Like Learning Physics posted at 10,000 Birds, saying, "Here's a post by guest blogger Debra Ross on how much fun it is to learn something new such as identifying birds with a field guide!"

Ena Clewes presents Dealing With Garden Pests the Organic Way - Gardening Articles - Organic Gardening posted at Organic Gardening, saying, "For many gardeners, a good offense is better than a good defense when it comes to pests in the garden."

Aquatic Life

lorie presents Rice and Beans and Other Fine Things: Log Jumping 101 posted at Rice and Beans and Other Fine Things, saying, "Canoeing in Mississippi. This happens all the time."

Green Thumb

Mark J. Donovan presents Winterizing a Garden posted at HomeAdditionPlus, saying, "Mark Donovan of HomeAdditionPlus.com discusses the steps in preparing your garden for winter."

P.L. Frederick presents The Thing About A Sting posted at Small and Big, saying, "You can learn a lot from a talking honeybee."

Barbara Schreiber presents The Garden Gnome Addiction (It's Global!) | Britannica Blog posted at Britannica Blog, saying, "Entertaining blog about the origin of garden gnomes."

presents Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore: Part 1: Ancient Watch Tower and Organic Cultivation posted at AdmirableIndia.com.

Piedro Molinero presents Rose Gardening posted at DIY Gardening Tips.

In the Woods

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Surmounting Marriage posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

A Keeper's Jackpot presents Tour of Balsam Lake Mountain posted at A Keeper's Jackpot.

Brian Jay Stanley presents The Wilderness No Longer Feels Wild posted at Aphorisms and Paradoxes.

Open Air

GrrlScientist presents American Avocet 5 posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, "[wildlife photography] American Avocet, Recurvirostra americana, in flight over Bolivar Flats, Texas."

Vidyut presents A filly injured by a bear was saved by love and care | Footprints on the Mountainside posted at Footprints on the Mountainside, saying, "A true story from the time when I was a nomadic horsewoman in the Himalaya and the satisfaction of having made a difference."


AdmirableIndia.com presents Pearl Valley or Muthyala Maduvu, Karnataka posted at AdmirableIndia.com.

James Hills presents Wild Dunes Resort in Charleston, SC posted at Man Tripping - Guys Getways and Mancations, saying, "I had a chance to visit Wild Dunes last year and it really stood out as a very nice golf resort that felt close to nature and wide open. Plus they have some great mancation packages for guys who love to mix golf with great beach activities."

Jeff Sullivan presents Silver Dollar City In Branson, Missouri posted at Branson Travel Attractions.

Jason Rusch presents What About White Boxer Dogs? posted at boxerdogessentials.com.

Outdoor Olympians

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