Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sharing the Spotlight Giveaways!

I joined the Etsy Bloggers Street Team several months ago. Etsy street teams typically share a common interest or location and work together to promote each other's Etsy shops. One team activity is to feature a designated member for the month. I was chosen for July (YAY!!!!). That's the great thing about being part of a team - we help each other out, we give and ask for advice from crafting to blogging, even about life in general. Promoting is just a small part of our teamwork!

To thank my "sponsors" I'm having two give-aways.

Giveaway #1 is over! Congrats to the winner Shell Mitchell

Giveaway #2 is open for everyone (except members of the Etsy Bloggers team). Winners will not have to pay for shipping either.

Giveaway #1 (Congratulattions to Shell Mitchell, winner of Giveaway #1)
Members of the Etsy Bloggers team- post your link to my feature in your blog in the comments of this post. Everyone that posts a link in comments will be entered into a drawing. On August 5th (to allow time for those who run behind) I will draw the name of a participating Etsy Blogger at random, and they will win a custom bracelet, maybe something like the one below. See here for possible letter beads. It can say your Etsy shop name, or anything else that you would want. If you are the winner I will contact you for information about the beads and phrase that you want and for the address to ship it to. I will also announce the winner here and at our Etsy Bloggers forum.

Giveaway #2 (Open to everyone except Etsy Bloggers and still ongoing)
Visit the blog of any of the Etsy Blogger participants of Giveaway #1 by clicking on their submitted link in comments, as they are posted. If you do not have Firefox with the Linkification add-on, their links are not clickable, just click on their blogger name to find their blog, or copy and past their link into your address bar. Come back here to comment on this post and say something nice about the Etsy Blogger's blog that you visited. Each Etsy Blogger team member's blog you visit and comment on here will get you another entry into Giveaway #2. The prize for Giveaway #2 is a pair of Periwinkle Rose Dangle Earrings, shown below. The winner of Giveaway #2 will be drawn on August 31st and announced here. I will also contact you if your blogger profile/blog provides me with a way to contact you. You


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Keeper!!!

Dayna said...


here's my link

Rosebud Collection said...

What a cute blog..I just want you to know, I like the slots when I get to a casino..Congratulations on being picked..Good for you.

Mama Z said...


Here's the feature on you:

Anonymous said...

Congrats and great idea!

Here is the link from TuLip's Talking



Erika said...

What a wonderful idea! Maybe this is why you are the featured blogger?

StormyDesigns said...

What a great idea!! Here's my link to the feature for you. Congrats on being July's Featured Etsy Blogger!!

Shell Mitchell said...

Great idea! Here's my feature

Congrats! xoxox

knittingdragonflies said...

Great idea!
Here is my link:

Somebody who read my blog said they bought something of yours. Hope you turn out some good sales this month!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

I just wrote up your feature! I hope you like it :)

Ellen said...

Just finished my feature on your shop. It was really nice to get to know you!


Connie said...

Congratulations! I love your jewelry and your sweet blog!

Here is my link where I featured you on my blog:

Peace & Love.

Kathleen J. said...

Here is your feature. You were so easy to write about with your wonderful shop and blog.

Andrea said...

Congratulations. I love your shop! Here is your feature on myu blog.

Donna Pool said...

Congratulations! Here's my link: