Monday, January 12, 2009

The Clay Machine

I bought a polymer clay rolling machine a few months ago with plans of using it for Christmas beads and pendants, but never got around to using it. I was hoping to go crazy with it for Valentine's Day but still haven't been able to find much time. Finally with a weekend off and an evening snow storm, I found myself with no where to go and a few hours on my hands.

I used the roller to make flat and evenly rolled sheets of clay for heart cut outs. I used a glittering red clay and a mix of white and glittering red to make a swirling pattern of pink, red, and white. I sandwiched pins from my polymer clay baking rack between red hearts and swirl hearts to make an opening to thread jelly cord through. They baked for half an hour and I had a nice stash of Valentine's Day beads.

I used the beads to make a reversible bracelet. It can be worn showing only red, only swirls, or any alternating pattern of your choice. The jelly cord stretches over your hands and the bracelet fits snug to your wrist. This one is best for smaller wrists, up to about 6 - 6.25 inches.


diane said...

I love the reversible aspect of the bracelet. Very creative!

Unknown said...

Ahh to cute! :)

Anonymous said...