Sunday, February 8, 2009

Making a Blanket Without a Sewing Machine

One of my husband's Christmas wishes was a for a new blanket for his man cave in the basement, as the ones that we have down there are starting to look their age. He's a huge Green Bay Packers fan so I thought I'd make him a Packers blanket. Living in New York, it is often difficult to find Packers items, especially since Green Bay's star quarter back retired and later went to play for the New York Jets. I went to the fabric store and could only find fleece for New York and New England teams, so I bought fleece in the Packers' team colors: yellow and green.

To make the blanket, you need two pieces of fleece that are the same length and width. I chose two that were 58" wide. The two pieces do not have to be different colors, but choosing two different colors make the blanket more fun and reversible.

Other materials you will need are pins, a ruler or yardstick, and fabric cutting scissors. A big open space on the floor is helpful.

Take the two pieces of fabric and line them up corner to corner. Pin each corner and then put a few pins in around the sides as well. When pinning, place the pins a couple inches away from the edge, as you will be cutting the edge of the fleece. If the pins are too close to the edge, they will be in the way of your cutting.

If you have any pets, you may find that anything unusual on the floor becomes the perfect place for them to lay. As you can see, Pepper was involved in assisting and supervising the production of making his dad's blanket!

The cuts into the pinned fabrics should be an inch wide and two inches deep. You can cut a 2" x 2" square out of the four corners of the blanket to start. After removing the corners, make a 2 inch deep cut at every inch along the blanket (with no spaces between the cuts). Do this along all four sides. A ruler is helpful, especially for the first few cuts, but once you have visually established the length and width of the cuts it might be easier and quicker to use your eye to judge.

When you have made the cuts all the way around the pinned fleece, you are ready for the next step. Keep the two pieces pinned together, and tie a full knot with a cut from one fleece and the matching cut from the other. Continue to do this all the way around the blanket. When you are done, be sure to remove all the pins. You now have a warm, reversible fleece blanket!

I have washed blankets made like this in an industrial sized washer and dryer before with no problems. The blanket puckered in some spots but gentle tugging on the edges was an easy fix.


Angie said...

I am a Mom of 3 Boys and this is an amzing idea.I am going to try it,...Love your Blog.

diane said...

Ah, the Man Cave. You are a good wife to let my darling boy play out his sports fantasies in your basement. Do you ever get tired of green and gold?

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Tartsbymom -
Glad you enjoyed!

Green and gold doesn't bother me as long as it's in the basement!

storybeader said...

no sewing - what a great idea! I perfect thing for a cave!

knittingdragonflies said...

I don't know how many of my quilts have become dog or cat blankets!! I agree!

RecycleCindy said...

I love these tied fleece blankets. They make great gifts, pet blankies and even doll blankets. Your Packer blanket turned out wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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