Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finally Summer

It took a while, but we are finally getting some summer weather in Upstate New York! Our air conditioner went in almost a whole month later this year than it did last year. I'd say the cooler than normal weather was saving energy, but I know people that actually were turning the heat on in their house well into June! Summer always seems to be shorter than the other months, partially because our weather patterns, but I'm sure it seems too short to me because it's my favorite season.

I love summer camping, whether it is in the camper or in a tent. I hope we get a chance to go on our annual summer tent camping trip with Sister and her husband this year. It's definitely not the highlight of my husband's summer but he's a good sport about it.

There seems like there is so much more to do in the summer as far as fun activities. We catch a couple Major League Baseball games, miniature golf, biking, hiking, and the drive-in movies.

Even being inactive in the summer can be pleasant, like reading a book or making jewelry on a blanket in the sun. Grilling has become our "thing" for my husband and I. We don't see much of each other so grilling on his day off has become an inexpensive outdoor activity once a week.

I have to admit that I dislike most of my winter clothes... Summer clothes are so much more fun for some reason! Check out my summery items in my Etsy shop to accessorize your summer wardrobe.


storybeader said...

I don't particularly like sleeping on the ground either, but camping's always fun if you have the right equipment! I'm glad DH goes along, and that you grill together! {:-D

diane said...

Only for his beloved would the little red-haired boy brave the great outdoors!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

One of these days I'll make it out camping...