Friday, July 17, 2009

Pilot Knob Ridge Loop and Gazebo

Pilot Knob Ridge Preserve is now part of protected land in Lake George under the care of the Lake George Land Conservancy. In the early 1980s, the land was illegally cleared by a drug dealer and a large house that could be seen from the entire southern end of the lake was built. The local residents were outraged by the house as it took away from otherwise beautiful view around the lake. The property was raided in 1984 by state agents and the drug dealer was removed, but the structure remained until 2000 when the LGLC purchased the property and demolished the house leaving only the gazebo behind.

The hiking loop is about two miles and provides the hiker with gorgeous views of the southern end of the lake, wild flowers, a waterfall, and some wild life. While the trail does gain elevation, a little steep in parts, there is also a lot of flat walking. I'd say that the view is far too good for the effort!

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Information from:
The Downside of Upland Development by Phil Brown
Pilot Knob Ridge Preserve - Lake George Land Conservancy

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