Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Home and Studio

The Etsybloggers are talking about their studios for the next Blog Carnival. Most will share pictures, but my mess is quite embarrassing. About every three months I get sick of looking at the clutter and I invest in organizers. It stays neat for a couple days before returning to the original state of chaos. Needless to say, I won't be sharing any pictures of the mess - just a cute one of my cat Rocky trying to help me work. My studio started in the "only child room" of the house, which was the room I chose to keep my desk, computer, recliner, craft table, and so on. I'm not completely selfish, my husband gets the basement, or man cave if you will.

It seems as though my studio migrates further into the rest of the house on almost a daily basis. There is no room on my craft table to work since it started to accumulate mail, junk, and uncrafty things. Besides, the DVR is in the living room and I like to keep busy when watching TV. When I get to work, I bring half of my supplies out into the living room and take over the couch, coffee table, and floor. When I'm done, I do a decent job at keeping the living room clean. The only evidence of my work is the sound of tiny beads rolling across the floor when I sweep.

The finished products end up in Pepper's room with my box of displays and busts. It is this room that gets the most light, so typically most of the pictures of my work are taken in there as well. Then back to the only child room to upload the pictures onto my laptop for editing, uploading, and adding them to the website.

I guess instead of saying I'm unorganized, you could just say I get my inspiration from all over the house!


Erika said...

I used to have my stuff all over the house. Then my hubby told me to take the back room. We can close the door and no one would know that a fabric hurricane had landed.

I like your helper!

diane said...

If you consider your house a mess, how do you categorize mine? LOL

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

You haven't been in my house for a while. There is a reason for that. And I can't blame it all on the boy this time LOL

knittingdragonflies said...

My stuff is all over my house. I keep trying to tidy it up. But I think it is hopeless.

storybeader said...

You sound very organized - if I walked in your house, I would know where you're at, on a project! And I hear that same sound... IF I sweep! {:-D