Thursday, December 23, 2010

Theme Thursday: Festivus

In my opinion, one of the best episodes of Seinfeld was the one about Festivus, a made-up sitcom holiday based on a true story. In reality, the fake holiday was "created" by the father of a screenwriter for Seinfeld, but in the episode it began with George's father, Frank, in a store fighting over a doll that he wanted to buy for his son. The doll was destroyed, and Frank realized that Christmas was way too commercialized and was getting out of hand, sentiments that lead to the holiday Festivus.

"Festivus" is a nondenominational winter holiday that is celebrated on December 23rd, according to that episode. You still may hear it be referred to as a "Festivus for the rest of us," and some fans of pop culture continue to recognize the holiday today.

There is no Christmas tree for Festivus, just an undecorated aluminum pole, which has "an appropriate strength to weight ratio."

George took the holiday a step farther by creating donation cards for a fake charity called The Human Fund, on the premise that it would be better to donate to charity than to exchange Christmas gifts at the office. After being called out by his boss, who donated $20,000 in "money for the people," George agrees include him in the so-called Festivus dinner to try to further cover up his charitable lie.

The Festivus festivities begin with dinner, which is followed by the Airing of Grievances, a tradition that allows you tell your family how they have disappointed you in the last year.

Airing of the Grievances is followed by the Feats of Strength, clearly George's least favorite part of Festivus, in which Frank chooses someone to wrestle with - the episode ends with the sounds of George screaming.

Throughout the episode there are references to a "Festivus Miracle," similar to what most would call a Christmas Miracle. How does your family celebrate the holidays? Do you have an unusual tradition?


storybeader said...

yes, the holidays get a bit (way bit) commercialized. Hope your tooth is feeling better - take the pain medicine, if you have it, and don't drive! {:-D

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Yeah, it's def take at bed time and don't leave the house medicine LOL.

knittingdragonflies said...

Thanks! You made me laugh!
Take care and Happy Holidays!