Monday, January 3, 2011

Music Monday: The Dog Days Are Over

In honor of a new year, I'd like to feature videos of Florence and the Machine's song, "Dog Days are Over." The original video was made in 2008, and is a low budget video, but actually is my favorite of the two. In my opinion, you can get more emotion from the song in this version. The characters in the video bounce around and dance in the woods like I'd like to do whenever I hear the song. The original video below will take you to another website for viewing.

The second video (2010), is of better quality, but in my opinion, it lacks something.

I can't claim to understand the true meaning and theory behind her song, but I have my own personal interpretations. I love most of the music by Florence and the Machine, she reminds me of being in Ireland which, is where I was introduced to her music when I heard "Cosmic Love." She has a unique voice, passion, and talent.

Original Video:
(Clown alert if you are afraid of them)

Newest Video:

What would you like to leave behind in 2010? Are your Dog Days over? Can they come back again?

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