Friday, May 2, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the topic for the EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival this week, particularly any memorable gifts exchanged. The gifts that come to mind weren't Mother's Day gifts, but special mother-daughter moments.

While cleaning my room a couple weeks ago I came across a letter she had given me when I was no more than eight years old. I find it every couple years and read through it. It has a letter she had written on April 16, 1981 when I was just a few months old. It was a letter about how she'd always love me no matter what, about the things that troubled her at the time, and what she struggled with growing up. She also hoped that we would get along. We did for the most part, and when we didn't, I suppose it was mostly my fault. Of course being a lot a like, it only makes sense that we butted heads frequently. I always tell my co-workers to be patient, it will be better when their daughter goes away to school and moves out...

We have a special connection - I know her so well that I can usually figure out not only where she is, but where she is parked.

Gift of Time:
This past year for her birthday I stayed with her at the camper in Schroon Lake; I took her out to lunch in town, and we spent the sunny afternoon at the Arts and Crafts Fair at the beach. How ironic - now I wish I could go back to all those summers that we spent at the camper together, instead of being a brat about it, concerned about how I wouldn't see my friends in the summer and all the fun I was missing at home... Now I would actually try to enjoy it.

This is not the original camper of my childhood. We used to have one a lot smaller (and this one is not big)

Gift of Memories:
The gift that my mom said was the best gift EVER was her early Christmas present a couple years ago when I took her on a bus trip to New York City to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes. After the show we shopped and walked around Manhattan. It was nice to spend the day together, shop, window shop, laugh, people watch, and try not to get lost.

Gift from the Heart:
My mom gets so excited when I make her jewelry. She actually plans outfits around that pieces I give her. Typically she gets the things that I'm disappointed with, or that I don't think will sell. Sometimes I custom make her stuff. She is big on matching sets; it bothers her if she doesn't have a perfectly matching pair of earrings to go with a necklace.

This here is what I'm giving her for Mother's Day. I tend to make her red jewelry because its her favorite color. The focal piece of the necklace is red jasper, a stone that is thought to provide protection, courage, and energy. It's not red-red, but somewhat orange-red in color, wire wrapped and accented by red jasper beads and Botswana agate. And of course there are matching earrings to go with it.


Maria Nyberg said...

What a wounderful necklace. The fokal stone is just great.

diane said...

This is a lovely posting about a very special lady.

When your Mom and I worked together many years ago, I used to joke about how I wanted to marry you off to my son, because your crafty Mom would be so good at planning and decorating for a wedding.

Well, I got what I wished for - and in this case, it was a most excellent wish. Your Mom did do an amazing job, and I now have the perfect daughter-in-law!

Can't wait to celebrate the day with both of you and my own special daughter.


Anonymous said...

Love your jewelry (especially all the blues, turquoise and aquamarine palettes) and your experiences with your mom - priceless. So few people think about making moments, having quality time - as a gift.

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Thank you falksblondin and shoplittlegifts!

Diane - Sounds like an arranged marriage to me :) My mom is super excited about Applebees. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I always think 'bout that time we were in Schroon, and we wanted to say hi to your mom, and you knew Every place she could possibly be, and at what time of day, and by the direction the wind was blowing and the alignment of the planets :),etc, and even the logic of why your mom would be at points x y and z. So of course we found her lickety split! That's quite a connection!!

Double good cause your mom is fanatsic, original, super nice and so fun to visit with. That day I got to hear all sorts of stories, like the one about the freak Schroon tornado that made a lady levitate and threw around adirondack chairs!

The jewelry set is gorgeous, she's going to love it!

storybeader said...

that's a great looking necklace and earring set. Got to tell you, your photos are fabulous! Anyway, enjoyed your story.

Isn't it nice to have memories that you can read from someone whose life is so closely woven with yours? And the longer you read it, year by year, how it changes. I love archives (my primary job!)

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Thanks storybeader, but I must give credit where due:

The camper picture I stole from Sister, the person in comments above you, and if you click on the Rockettes, it will bring you to the site that I borrowed that from. The "okay" pictures of the jewelry... they are all mine, LOL. :-)

Serendipity Collections said...

I think I am your mom's age and time spent together is the BEST! My mom is gone now but that is what I remember the most - our mother - daughter moments! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!