Monday, August 25, 2008

Then and Now

One of the topics for the Etsy Blogger's Street Team blog carnival is something that your remember doing as a child. It's funny how many of the things I did were phases I grew out of or lost interest in, but have reverted back to enjoying - of course from an adult prospective.

Press play to hear "After All These Years" from Journey's new album Revelation

As an only child I had to find creative ways to entertain myself. One of my favorite toys was a microscope that I'd use to study leaves, blades of grass, and hair with. Now I work in a hospital lab and refer to the microscope frequently. Of course the stuff that I'm looking for is a lot smaller, the quality of the microscope is much better, and I now know what it is I'm looking at.

Before the internet existed, my mom and I would do craft projects together - I even made jewelry and Christmas ornaments with those cheap tacky plastic star shaped beads - who would have known that one day in the future I'd be selling jewelry online.

My mom and I did most of our crafting at the camper, a place that I didn't mind going to, but wished I didn't have to spend most of my summer vacation at. I thought my summer would've been better spent at home with my friends, a real shower, and a comfortable bed. Now I wish I had the time to camp and hike more, go figure.

I remember singing "Beat It" with my mom when she'd let me use the electric mixer and lick the beaters when done. She'd let me frost the cakes after she baked them, its no wonder I like decorating cake sculptures now!

The Bunny Cake

Even my musical tastes haven't changed that much. I grew up listening to music from the 70s and 80s playing in the house and the car, hence my excitement for seeing Journey and Heart in concert this summer. Of course I enjoy modern rock, alternative, and I even like to listen to really obnoxious pop music when working out at the gym.

I suppose I remember doing a lot of things from my childhood because they are things I enjoy doing now as an adult. Of course now I have my husband, finally someone around the house that's my age to play with; and I finally got the Nintendo (Wii) I always wanted as a kid. Okay, so I bought the Wii for 'him.'


storybeader said...

great post - now I feel I know you a little better. I couldn't think of one special thing, but I'll never forget reading with my mom before I went to bed, and then listening to her play the piano when the lights were off.

Mama Z said...

Cute post! I too had a small microscope that I'd look at everything with, however my path led me to counseling where I guess you could say I use a different type of microscope.

AWJ said...

Nice post! I like how these things made their way to adulthood with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these parts of your life. Sounds like your mother was connected to you as a young person and not the "your to be seen not heard" type. She shared "life" experiences with and for you.


Deanna Lack said...

The pics you chose are terrific :) One Christmas all I really cared about getting was a telescope and a microscope, and I got both, and I got a LOT more use out of the crappy microscope than the crappy telescope. Seemed like little things made big were a lot more interesting than big things made only slightly closer. My favorite things to look at under it were feathers. I also grew up to a job peering into one, except at a veterinary hospital. And still couldn't resist occasionally looking at feathers under it (so much bigger than the one I had with the mirror as a kid!)