Monday, August 18, 2008

August Projects

Peridot is the theme of August in my Project a Month calendar, which gives a pattern for a double stranded peridot necklace. I like the color green, but for some reason, peridot doesn't do it for me, so I made a few things this month that were more my style.

I love fresh water pearls, and picked up a couple strands at the local bead shop - one gold colored, and the other a pearly olive green. I had enough pearls to make two necklaces.

This necklace below was crocheted with gold colored copper wire. It is a single crochet stitch threading on alternating green and gold fresh water pearls. A hook and eye clasp were made with matching wire. I worked the wire to give it a vine-like appearance, hence the name "Pearly Euonymus Vine." Euonymus fortunei, also known as 'Emerald 'n Gold' is a plant with yellow edged green leaves, and can grow as a shrub or a vine. Click the image or title for more information.

With the left over pearls I made a second necklace incorporating a gold wire wrapped green glass pendant. If it were for sale, I'd name it "Sour Apple", but I decided that the little one bead-drop in the pattern was a sign that I was supposed to be the owner of this necklace. I have funky and casual jewelry to wear with green, but nothing that nice. I'm sure nobody will notice the tiny mistake, and I like it too much to take it apart and start over.

Sour Apple

The third thing I've made this month is this double stranded necklace, called "The Blues." I wrapped a heart shaped glass pendant with silver colored copper wire. The two strands are made with shades of blue, periwinkle, and aqua; the inner strand has some silver liquid twist beads. I think the pendant is sea glass, but I got it from a miscellaneous bin of beads, pendants, and stones at a bead store on my trip to Lake Placid earlier this summer, so I can't say for sure. Click the image or title for more information.


storybeader said...

My favorite is the Sour Apple too. Those pearls are so pretty, and the gold goes so well with the whole piece.

Erika said...

Yes, Sour apple is my favorite. I like how the colors shimmer.

Vanessa @ See Vanessa Craft said...

Gorgeous necklaces!!

Mama Z said...

Beautiful necklaces! I love the gold one with the pearls! You are very talented!