Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election Fever

The upcoming election has inspired the crafting, and buying, of many political items. For some Etsians, it has inspired treasuries of the political nature, showing off the works of other artists that sell on Etsy.

My friend the political junkie, Storybeader, created a political treasury, titled Political Season, featuring items related to the candidates and/or their running mates. If you want to check out any of the items, you can get to each item by clicking on the picture of the treasury below, but hurry, it expires Saturday at 2:51 am.

I also created a political treasury related to the third and final debate. It is dedicated to Joe the Plumber, who just might be the most talked about American since Michael Phelps. All items are related to plumbing or plumbers. You can get to all 12 items, until Saturday by 01: 09 am, by clicking on the picture of the treasury below.

Thank you Deb for providing the screen shots.


joeyandaleethea said...

Those treasuries are friggin great! Is that you in that fab snowsuit? Hi keeper!

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Of course it is Joey... do you know anyone else that would go out in the snow and climb a mountain and pose in front of a fire tower?


AWJ said...

Great treasuries! Story's is brilliant! I love that Rosie the Riveter/Sarah Palin button (don't love *her*, but the button's a hoot!).

Anonymous said...