Monday, November 3, 2008

Etsy Bloggers Superlatives

I decided to have a little poll game for the most recent carnival that I hosted for the Etsybloggers Team. After reading the posts, everyone was invited to vote on their favorites in different categories. Congrats to the following winners!

Best Title:
Santa's Gone a Little Nutty by Two Zany Zebra's, winning 45% of the votes. It was also a recipe post, describing how to make these cute little Nutter Butter Santas.

Most Creative Spooky Item
A three-way tie!!!

Treasures by Tina shared her Skull Treasure Candle

Healing Stones (Stoneweaver) presented her Knitted Satan Dolls

Scariest Story
Magdalene Jewels won 57% of the vote with In the Dusk of the Moon

Most Informative
This category only had two candidates. Tote N Tots won with a domestic violence awareness post called A Promise to Kill, ending with contact numbers for the National Domestic Violence Hotline:

If you are in crisis or need help, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline
at:1-800-799-SAFE (7233)or
TTY for the Deaf:1-800-787-3224
Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Se Habla Español

Favorite Recipe
This was the category with the largest number of submissions. A two-way tie between Athena Workman's Double Chocolate Cherry Pie and Off the Peg's Chocolate Brownies. Guess you will have to try both recipes and decide for yourself!


Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

That's cool!

uniquecommodities said...

congrats to all the winners! :)

AWJ said...

Oh, wow! Cool! And congrats to everyone else, too! :)

Mama Z said...

I'm glad people liked the title of my post. :) Congrats to all the other winners too! Thanks for having the poll game-it was fun!

Jenni said...

What a fun idea, to do the polls and then post the winners. I love it!
I'll have to remember to do soemthing like that when I host a carnival someday! :)