Friday, November 7, 2008

Project Make a Lot of Jewelry Really Fast

I have been ignoring my blog quite a bit lately, and my Etsy shop too, because I'm working on something huge. It's called Project Make a Lot of Jewelry Really Fast. A friend from high school and I recently caught up on Facebook. She looked at my jewelry and asked me if she could host a party. I said no a couple times... There's a reason why I sell online. People can find my stuff, if they like it they can buy it. I don't have to do anything pushy face to face. Finally, I realized it's a way to get experience, like a trial run, if I decide to work a craft show some day, and agreed to let her host.

I'm getting really nervous, not just about the interaction and sales, but the presentation. I bought some displays but I know I can't have every piece on a bust or display because that would cost me a small fortune. I bought a business card couch from Stormy to hold my cards, and I think I'm going to pick up a small mirror for people to try on necklaces before purchasing.

I'm trying to come up with some promotions. I'm toying with the idea of a free pair of Christmas earrings with each purchase, or at least for the first ten or twenty purchases, depending on how many I can make up. Of course, that's assuming that I'd have ten purchases or that anybody will show up, for that matter. Maybe a discount code for the next future purchase?

I'm also afraid I won't have a large enough variety. I'm trying to make some more chokers and necklaces since I've been on an earring run for a while. I'm done making clay beads for now, just making stuff with them. I'm trying to make enough Christmas stuff, but want to have everyday jewelry on hand as well. So I've made a few chokers, some gemstone necklaces, and played with some Swarovski crystals. I'm not putting too much new stuff on Etsy yet because it's time consuming and I need to be keeping my fingers busy making jewelry for the party, as opposed to cropping pictures and writing up descriptions. But don't worry, anything that doesn't sell next week at the party I will share online with you.

If you have ever hosted a jewelry party (or other craft party) please leave some suggestions here! Should I provide brown paper bags? Offer gift boxes for an extra charge? Go green?


storybeader said...

Jackie - what I use are those small, long, colorful plastic bags, used for parties and gifts. They are usually where you find greeting cards. Cheap, I mean INEXPENSIVE, and pretty. I'm using Christmas decorated ones this weekend at my craft fair.

Sounds like a great idea, having a jewelry party. I don't know enough people to do something like that. I'm sure people will buy from you, esp. in a party setting. Just tell them what you used, and maybe how you made them. If they're all friends, there will be enough talking going on. Have fun!!

TiLT said...

Hey - I am doing the exact same thing next weekend - at my SIL - there will be jewelry there too - when is yours? I could let you know what she did & what worked :)
Agree with Story on the bags - save box idea for when you hit it big :)

Anonymous said...

What about using those little drawstring fabric bags you can buy at AC Moore, the ones some people use for wedding favors? You could pre-cut some squares of tissue paper, white or colored, to put inside.

As the proud owner of some of your jewelry, I can say with authority that I think your pieces will be very popular!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Jackie - I'm doing my first jewelry party on the 22nd! Good luck with yours :) The idea of the little colorful bags that they were mentioning are perfect - and make sure you get the mirror - from doing markets I can tell you that's really important! People like to try a piece on and see how it looks on them.

Variety is great, and having a variety of price points is good too. But I'm pretty sure you have that from what you said.

Let's code for next purchase is a good idea. You might also want to do some sort of giveaway. I'm going to have people fill out a small slip of paper with their name, and either phone number or e-mail, and give away a few items. That way if they are still present when I draw the name, great, if not, they will still find out!

Hope that helps :)

Kathleen J. said...

I did craft shows for a long time. They can be a lot of fun but tiring so that is why I changed to selling online when I found Etsy.

Beyond that - for your giveaway idea. What about if you set a minimum amount of and order to get the freebie? Make the minimum just over your cheapest item price so you can encourage sales of more than one item at a time.

Good luck with the party.

SecondChanceChicken said...

Play a game. Search online for easy simple party games. People love games and it gets them yaking and relaxed. Game winners get a free piece of jewlery. Also make sure the refreshments include alcoholic AND non alcoholic beverages or maybe just wine and soda. Most parties I've enjoyed include these things...........Have Fun!

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Thanks, those are some great suggestions! the party just got bumped two weeks later, so I can relax a little bit.

Shell Mitchell said...

Good luck with the party. I'd serve beer and wine, nothing like a little tipsy to loosen the wallets! Relax and have fun with it. You'll do great.

Anonymous said...

I really like your work. You have such a great sense of funky and style! Good luck on your jewelry party. I am sure you will do really well!