Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bobble Heads by Bobblenoggin

In a failed effort to find something related to his favorite Yankee's announcer for my father-in-law's Christmas gift, I turned to Etsy for assistance. Not many people on Etsy make bobble heads, let alone custom ones, but I found one seller who never had made a custom bobble head but was willing to help me out.

Bobblenoggin makes a lot of really cute sculptures and paintings using paper mache. Making clay and paper mache has been her passion since childhood, and as an adult her husband sounds really supportive of her hobbies. Whenever possible she uses recycled materials and things that would normally just be thrown away. She has a lot of adorable creations in her shop already, like this prayer reminder doll:

The Suzyn bobble head for my father-in-law, which he promptly placed in the nativity scene with excitement after he opened it, was her first custom order.

Using the picture of her great work she had done for me as an example, Bobblenoggin made a custom bobble head listing in her shop and was contacted not to long after for a custom cowboy bobble head of a buyer's husband.

Looks like we've started something! If you want to order a custom bobble head from her visit her shop to see if she has a custom listing available, or you can create an Etsy account if you don't already have one and contact her through Etsy. Advanced notice is needed for custom requests because it can take a several weeks to complete due to the necessary drying time and the addition of details.

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diane said...

Tim thought Suzyn might like to hang out with some other Jewish people for the holidays :-)