Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Beginnings

I got a lot of cool things this year for Christmas to kick off the new year with. I got the Cadillac model of Kitchen Aid stand up mixers for cake baking which will save my wrists, fingers, and $7.99 Walmart brand hand mixer. I got a winter coat with fleece shell that can be transformed into four different ways of wearing. I got Gaiters to keep my feet dry and a new camera and tripod for my hiking trips and jewelry pictures.

I'm quite bummed that it is currently raining out, the near record December snowfall is melting and I still haven't had time to get out and snowshoe. I have a real burning to get out and do something wholesome like hike or snowshoe, but it just hasn't happened. I decided instead to make a "best of" film of my favorite hiking/waterfalls pictures from this year. And hopefully my new camera can make up for my lack of photography skills for an even better assortment of nature pictures next year! Anyway, all pictures (except the two that I'm in) were taken by me, and it's to the tune of Sixx Am's "Life is Beautiful".


diane said...

Beautiful nature photos! And don't worry, we know there'll be more snow this winter.

storybeader said...

great video! snowshoeing, eh? Sounds like a blast, and what good exercise! Now, you have some snow scenes, but that must have been from last year. You still could have some good flurries!

Have fun with the new camera equipment...I'll be watching! ♪♫♫Happy New Year♪♫♫♪