Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fire Tower Hike

Belfry Mountain was the 14th fire tower mountain for Sister and I, and a special 1st fire tower for my mom. We decided to go hiking on Easter, just to do something different. My husband had to work, Sister's husband had to work. It was just us ladies and Mother Nature.

Very easy hike, actually up an old utility road, not even a trail. The 0.3 mile hike was all uphill but not too steep. Only a couple trail markers were in sight, but the trail was very self explanatory.

The tower is climbable, right up into the cab. Unfortunately it is littered with graffiti, probably because it is such an easily accessible tower with a close proximity to the road.

The tower has been converted into what we call a Frankentower - a fire tower that doubles as a communication tower as well. There were times it felt like the wind was going to tip us over in the tower, but Mom was protected by a large boulder, sheltering her from all the wind down below.

We thought it was interesting that there were three geological survey markers, each visible from up in the tower. We posed for a trekking pole pose before descending back down.

Click here to see all the pictures from this hike on my Flickr.


corin said...

what is with all the husbands having to work today? Glad you got to hike today. I am feeling like any holiday and special occasion should be celebrated with a hike. Thanks for sharing the day you had with your mom. The company we take with us is just as important as the connection to nature!!

Pamela Baker said...

Very interesting - although I am maybe 3 hrs from the Adirondacks - I admit I don't indulge in their beauty too often. For those of you who have not seen the beauty of update NY - you are truly missing something spectacular.
Thanks for sharing. Someday I may just come up and visit.

Memories for Life said...

This looks like so much fun! So glad your mom got to go!
You'll have to show us your journal when you finish all your hikes!