Thursday, April 23, 2009

Etsy Day 2009

This Friday, April 24h, 2009, has been declared Etsy Day! It is a day for us sellers to unite and all promote Etsy is a website dedicated to selling handmade items, such as jewelry, clothing, and home decor. You can create an account on Etsy to buy and/or sell handmade goods, and if you already have an account, be sure to spread the word!

To celebrate, I'm offering free shipping to all U.S. customers on purchases made at my store on Etsy Day.

Etsy administrators have made a list of suggestions for Etsy members:
  1. If you get people to sign up for Etsy on Friday make sure they mention your Etsy username in the Referrer Username box at sign up! If we see a user who really rocks this, we'll automatically include you in our Etsy Day follow up post. So if you print out flyers, get on the news, or get Ashton Kutcher to tweet about Etsy, make sure you get your username in there, too!
  2. Tweet your endeavors via Twitter and make sure to add the hash tag #EtsyDay. (And send it to @aplusk. Let's get Ashton Kutcher's attention on Etsy Day. Ha! Mr. Most Twitter Followers.)
  3. Support a new seller on Etsy Day! Buy an item from someone with no sales (you can find them on Pounce Undiscovered), and wish them a "Happy Etsy Day" in the Message to Seller field when you check out.
  4. Print out schugirl's Etsy sign to stick in your car window or download and print out the design Anda made for Etsy Day!
  5. Get an Etsy tattoo!
  6. Dress your family in all orange. When you get weird looks, whisper "Etsy".
  7. One final clarification..."Etsy" is pronounced like "Betsy" with no B.

So join Etsy, buy handmade, spread the word, and if you sign up today, just remember that AKeepersJackpot referred you! If you would like more details about Etsy, refer to my blog tutorial.

Image provided by Anda


Memories for Life said...

Yay...Happy Etsy Day :)
Great idea on the free shipping!

Unknown said...

Yay etsy day!

storybeader said...

I bought three earcuffs from Thyme2Dream today. I was wondering why I FINALLY did that! Been looking at her earcuffs... forever!

uniquecommodities said...

Great Etsy Feature! I love the relationships I have built here!