Saturday, August 22, 2009

Classy Trash

I'm always trying out new ideas in my Etsy shop, my most recent one being handmade pendants with beer bottle caps and decoupage technique. I thought about making jewelry from recycled parts last Halloween while making a beer and soda can pop-top necklace for my costume (I was a Joe in a Joe the Plumber/Joe Six Pack costume pair).

I have made a few pendants so far find myself wanting to wear them myself instead of selling them! I have listed three in my shop so far and I'm collecting my caps (and my friends') to make more.

I have two Hawaiian themed summery pendants and a poker themed pendant so far. I have decided to try to make the picture in the pendant fit the theme of the beer. For instance, I have two Hawaiian beer caps from beer produced by the Kona Brewing Company that feature Hawaiian fruit and flowers. I decided on a poker theme with the MichUltra since that's the beer of choice for a world renound poker player.

Some are made with Aanraku style bails, but on some I tried to preserve the appearance of the back of the pendant and made my own bail so that the wearer could see what beer their particular cap came from.

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