Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Newest Listings

I'm still playing catch up with my shop. I had that Colors of Fall craft show at the end of September, so I was waiting until that was over to take all the pictures and list all the items that I banged out for that. No sense in taking pictures and listing them in case some of it sold. At the craft fair I sold several new pieces, but was left with many to list, oh what a process!

Here's some of my most recent listings... mostly glass tile pendants, but I have some of that wire crochet that people love and a sterling silver wire wrapped howlite necklace, and another bottle cap pendant. I listed a beaded zodiac necklace, called What's Your Sign, that sold within a couple hours of listing too! You can click on each picture for details, and remember, all glass tile pendants come with a complimentary ball chain necklace.

Forest Refuge Glass Tile Pendant


Mount St. Helen: Sterling Silver Wrapped Holite

Purple and Gray White Crochet Wire Necklace

Brown and Cream Crochet Glass Pearl Necklace

Lady Bug Love Glass Tile Pendant

Sunrise Sunset Glass Tile Pendant

Clearance Sale Flowers and Honey Bottle Cap Pendant

Up Up and Away Hot Air Balloon Glass Tile Pendant

Indian Summer Glass Tile Pendant

What's Your Sign? Sold!!!

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storybeader said...

pretty sold pendant. I like the glass tiles, too. Someone at the museum is selling wire crochet jewelry, and people DO really love it! She's selling a lot! Hope you had a good weekend. Now for those "short" days at work! HA! {:-D