Sunday, November 29, 2009

Berry Pond - Lake George

I came across an article today in the online edition of the PostStar about the Lake George Land Conservancy receiving a grant to continue its efforts at the Berry Pond Preserve, which was acquired by the LGLC in 2008, and towards the Last Great Shoreline Protection Project of 2009.

This article reminded me about my quest to find Berry Pond this summer. I had heard of the recent acquisition by the LGLC and wanted to check out the pond. I explored the trails at the recreation park in Lake George with a coworker who had somewhat of an idea as to where the trail would start. With our cameras, and her grand-dog, map and compass, we went on our search. The wooded trail eventually ended at a dirt road which we continued to follow, wondering if we were even on track the whole time.

We finally conceded to the fact that we were not going to find the pond, but were content with checking out the wild flowers and playing fetch with the dog. At the sight of a possible clearing, we decided to take a side road off the road that we were on, and we came to what we figured must be Berry Pond.

At the pond was a great blue heron and a beaver dam, surrounded by swampy soft ground and plenty of evidence of beaver activity. I hope I can remember how we got there so I can find it again!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful, I would have completely enjoyed being there with y'all. The photo's are awesome!!!