Friday, December 11, 2009

Unlocking the Color Combination

There are many arguments in the debate of Art vs. Craft. As discussed before, my stance is that there are elements of one in the other. One can say that making jewelry is a craft, because it is. It requires materials and tools. Anybody with some cord can string beads, tie it off, and call it a necklace; however it is the color combination, design, and inspiration that make it art.

If you browse my shop, you might correctly suspect that my favorite color is any variation of the color teal - turquoise, blue-green, aquamarine. I am particularly fond of a teal, black, and silver color combination. I'm also partial to blue-green with earth tones.

Pacific Horizon is a necklace that reminds me of the ocean. Russian Amazonite beads were used in combination of silver and black, making each blue green amazonite bead stand out.

Silver and turquoise go well together even without black. These tear shaped turquoise howlite beads were hugged with silver, and turned into Hot Air Balloon Earrings. Turquoise howlite is actually howlite dyed blue-green, in this case a little more blue than green.

My Betel Nut Stretch Bracelet uses bicolored beads - one side teal and the side black. It's a perfect color combination, and the beads are earthy by nature!

Turquoise colored glass beads were mixed with shades of brown in the Metamorphosis Choker. The pendant is made from a coconut shell and the choker is symbolic of metamorphosis from egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, to the adult butterfly.


Erika said...

I also like the color of blue in jewelry and have since I was a child. I seem to have a fascination with turquoise so it is a good thing it is really hot right now.

knittingdragonflies said...

I love all of these, and their colors!

storybeader said...

those are my favorites too! I love turquoise with silver, very traditional and earthy. Nice combination of jewelry! {:-D

tamdoll said...

I like your definition of art and craft, nice and concise.

Your turquoise combinations are beautiful, especially the one with the metamorphosis symbolism.