Saturday, December 12, 2009


I'm giving a try! It seems like a slightly more customizable website that leads your customer back to Etsy.

  • Helps get your name out there
  • Easy set up for a more customized web page than Etsy alone
  • One page can links to your Etsy page, blog, contact information, other websites
  • It's free, to a point, and therefore worth a shot!
  • If you don't know how to build a webpage, it is an easy to use web hosting program

  • You still must use Etsy checkout (meaning users must still create a username and account through Etsy)
  • You must pay to use the more advanced options and obviously to create your own domain
  • While there is an ability to slightly customize your page, it is less of a blank template than other web hosting programs.
  • I don't really see how the free version is that much different than using just Etsy. Perhaps it will be just one more username and password to remember...


storybeader said...

Hi Jackie! I looked at it, after you mentioned it on the thread. What I didn't like was you had to do something different (not sure what exactly) if you have a registered domain name (which I have.) So I decided to skip it....

knittingdragonflies said...

Interesting, Thanks!
Keep us up to date on it.
I'm going to check it out myself

Liz's Wares said...

Hello Fellow EtsyBlogger!
I am now following your blog.
If you'd like to follow me back...

Also check out my shop!

Cute Earrings, i got the same kind of beads once-- from Big lots.