Friday, March 26, 2010

Cabin Fever

We had a little unseasonably warm weather last week, but there's nothing like the month of March to remind you that the title Spring Equinox has no impact on the actual weather where I live. It was disappointing to see a dusting of snow this morning and the prediction of single digit low temperatures on my weekend off from work. I did not get much snowshoeing in this winter, as most of the snow hit farther south. Needless to say, I'm starting to feel cooped up and I can't wait to get outside for some hiking!

The local bike path is clear of snow and Sister and I took our bikes out after I got out of work last weekend, thanks to the Daylight Savings time change. The canal seemed unusually low for this time of year and the waterfalls at the Five Combines were a little weak, but it did feel great to get on the bike again.

I hope to get at least five high peaks between late spring and mid-autumn, and we're looking at the possibility of at least a ladies only camping trip. I intend to ride my bike locally whenever possible - thank you Google Maps for the bike route options now!

I leave you now with a new listing, Earth. It's a nice spring through fall piece, perhaps something for Earth Day, or to wear when you are at work, when you'd rather be outside. As the toggle clasp says, "Peace begins with a Smile."

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