Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dizzy Dragonflies!

It is my pleasure to feature one of the longest running members of the EtsyBloggers team, Vicki of DizzyDragonflies and KnittingDragonflies. While she has always loved creating handmade items, her favorite material to work with is yarn.

Her business was accidental. It began as a hobby and found people offering to pay her to make them items that she was wearing or had given as gifts. Her love for yarn evolved into hand spinning and hand dyeing her own yarn to work with.

"Turn it Down a Notch" Hand Spun Yarn

She offers several beautiful colors of hand spun yarn, as well as her own knit creations.

Black and White Hand Knit Scarf - Unisex

Heather Green Hand Knit Scarf

It's no wonder she's dizzy - she's operating two Etsy Shops!

You can also find her online:


Joy said...

She does awesome work! Great feature!

knittingdragonflies said...

Thanks for the post!!