Friday, May 7, 2010


I've gone through several phases in my Etsy shop. I've done beading, wire crochet, wire wrapping, ceiling fan pulls, fly fishing lanyards, decoupage, glass tile, bottle cap upcycling, I have even made my own polymer clay beads. As far as beading, I've used glass beads, natural stone, clay, and pearls. After all of this, I must say that my favorite material to work with are glass beads and large, bulky pendants.

The great thing about glass beads is that there is such a variety to chose from. I have made many items with Czech glass and particularly like the looks of fire polish, faceted, and table cut Czech glass.

This bracelet, Margarita, has some beautiful table cut Czech glass beads in it, as well as fresh water pearls, probably a close second in the line up of my favorite types of beads.


Box of Crayons is another favorite of mine. How cool are those table cut beads?!

Box of Crayons

It's a little late for jelly beans, but these Green and Gold Jelly Bean earrings have small faceted green and gold colored faceted Czech glass beads. The different cuts of the bead reflect light nicely.

Green and Gold Jelly Bean Earrings

These Lily Pad Earrings are made with lampwork beads. These came from a craft store, however, there are many sellers on Etsy that make really cool lampwork beads. Lampwork glass has a really interesting look to it as well, and you only need a couple beads in your piece to give it enough flare.

Lily Pad Earrings

I love a big whopping pendant in the center of a necklace. Murano style glass pendants are probably my favorite, but the right design on a resin pendant can make a piece look great as well.

Glamorous is made with a wire wrapped Murano style glass pendant. The pendant on Metallic Twist is pretty wild, and it's currently on sale in my shop, though the Foil Coil is my favorite, by far.


Metallic Twist

Foil Coil Choker Necklace

What do you like working with the most?


Ani said...

Beautiful work! I love that you name your pieces, too.

What do I love working with? My Coffee Pot People bits, because I get to use power tools!

Memories for Life said...

Box of Crayons is very pretty :)
And of course I love the Murano glass too...I love the one I got from you!!!

tamdoll said...

I love beads! That Box of Crayons bracelet is fantastic.

I've always incorporated beads into my sewing projects and now my yarn projects, too - for a while I just tried beading jewelry but I felt like I had to use it with something soft. I love the varieties and shapes and colors and how the light shines through them.

knittingdragonflies said...

I would say you have made it to your bliss. I love your glass items! So pretty and the color combos are always striking!

Linda E. Pruitt said...

I really like the box of crayons piece! Especially the name!

Betty said...

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