Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ms. Moo's Spa Line

I love promoting Etsy sellers, and when I shop on Etsy, it's usually when I'm buying beads or supplies for my business or a gift for someone else. I caught a glimpse of SpottedCowSoaps' (or Ms. Moo as the EtsyBloggers Call her) Lady Bug Soaps and Lotion on her Facebook fan page, which I decided would make a nice Mother's Day gift for my lady bug loving mother-in-law. I had recalled seeing her spa line a while back, thinking maybe I would treat myself to something. So.... since something was being shipped to me anyway... Wow! Her whipped sea salt scrub in tranquil spa is awesome!

It leaves my skin feeling smooth without the oily film that other scrubs can leave behind on your skin. I got a free gift from her too!

Not only does she make great soaps, but she keeps me constantly challenged playing Bejeweled! I'll be sending some Bejeweled smacktalk over the Green Mountains to you, Ms. Moo!


Memories for Life said...

All I can think about is soaking in a nice bath after seeing this :) Love the lady bug too :)

Unknown said... make my toes curl with all the warm fuzzies on this one! Glad the Whipped Sea Salt Scrub worked out well for you.

And I'll be sending some Bejeweled smacktalk right back at ya! :P

TiLT said...

I just love anything from Ms moo!!! Scrubs rock!

Splendid Little Stars said...

lovely! The label on the lotion is so cute!

storybeader said...

great gift idea!

knittingdragonflies said...

This looks like what I need. A nice spa like bath