Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pleasant Ending to a Long Day

Oooohhhhhhh what a day!

I'm a medical technologist in a hospital laboratory. I work mostly in microbiology but I do work in chemistry a few times a month. I'm most experienced in microbiology so I am somewhat out of my element when I actually get to work in chemistry. We are currently training on new instrumentation and simultaneously undergoing renovations, leaving the lab in a constant state of chaos. I volunteered to stay late to cover the department so that the evening shift would be able to learn how to use the new instrument, which only extended my long and stressful day by over three hours.

After work, I came home and checked on my Etsy shop to see if I had any sales. There were no sales, but the views on a lot of items had skyrocketed. Confused as to where these views all came from, I checked on my blog and freebird had left me a comment in this post saying that I was on! (I'm featured under post 2).

I was later informed by other Etsians that my Bird Nest Crocheted Choker was on the Etsy front page for a while today! (I'm not there anymore, and I'm somewhat disappointed that I missed the opportunity to admire myself there).

No sales but I had a ton of exposure!


diane said...

Exposure is KEY! Congratulations.

Why not put a widget on your site to track visitors. I love to see where my readers come from.

Enjoy your fame!


A Keeper's Jackpot said...

I have a guest book at the bottom, but nobody ever signs it.... where's the love?


Victoria Masters said...

I saw your blog on beadingdaily and now it's on my favorites list! Great looking stuff (but post Christmas bills are arriving) :-)

Jen said...

That's so cool! Congratulations!