Thursday, January 10, 2008

Project of the Month: January

Vintage Kelly Green Bracelet and Earrings

The idea for the linked bracelet with matching earrings came from my Bead Style Beading 2008 a project a month calendar. January's project is a Linked Garnet and Vermeil Bracelet and Earrings project that calls for vermeil jeweled links with garnets from Fire Mountain Gems (shown on the right). Each link, however, when buying in the small quantity that I would need, it would cost $7.36 per link, making it an expensive bracelet. I came across these vintage kelly green connectors from EpochBeads on Etsy. They are green glass with flecks of gold and white, held in a brass setting. EB helped me pick out some matching vintage brass jump rings as well.

I eagerly awaited the arrival of my purchase only to find out that my mail carrier was boycotting our mail delivery because the snow was not cleared to her liking. After my husband placed a complaint with the post office, my package arrived, along with 8 days worth of mail bills. I now make a point of turning the mailbox away at a 45O angle to make her job more difficult.

I digress, back to the project of the month. I made a bracelet with the jump rings and vintage green glass connectors, as well as a pair of matching earrings. The earrings have the same vintage connectors with green fire polish givre beads on wire. I posted the listing this afternoon and the bracelet sold in a record 15 minutes. The earrings are now lonely and would like to be bought as well. (hint hint)


Evelin said...

Very nice! Beeeautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful jewelry. That shade of green is gorgeous