Thursday, February 21, 2008

Modified Project of the Month: February

Neither amethyst nor silver, discuss!

My BeadStyle Beading 2008 a project a month Calendar uses a pattern for two amethyst and silver necklaces and matching earrings set for February's project. Since amethyst is the birthstone for February, it made sense.

In my search for amethyst beads, I could only find amethyst chip beads, which I'm not particularly fond of. My search for a pretty silver pendant came up empty as well. I had, however, been holding onto this amazing copper pendant since my trip to Manhattan to visit some college friends for over a month now, and it's been burning a hole in my bead box. Instead of the sterling silver blossom pendant thats recommended by the calendar, I decided to incorporate my copper one instead. I was off on a search for beads to go well with copper. I love the colors teal/blue-green/aqua with copper, so turquoise beads would be most ideal. I had already used up my turquoise stone beads on my Turquoise Head Turner necklace. In my search for turquoise, I could only find ginormous turquoise stones, turquoise chips, and turquoise howlite chips, bringing me back to another stone chip predicament. I then remembered that I had aqua and copper E beads from my Toola Roola's Mane necklace, and some other random beads (some even copper in color) in my bead stash already.

The circular copper pendant was purchased with pre-drilled holes along the bottom. I strung seven copper head pin wires with E beads and Czech glass copper metallic beads and attached them through the holes along the bottom so that they could dangle. I then created a necklace with the same beads, as well as some burnt red/copper colored glass crow beads.

The earrings are basically the same design as the ones in the calendar, except without amethyst. They were made with all the same beads that are in the necklace. I also extended them in length by having the two head pin wires hang from a 3rd wire with the same large glass crow beads that are in the necklace.

Apparently all of my creativity was used up in creating the matching set because naming them was unusually difficult for me. I turned to fellow Etsians for help. There were many spectacular suggestions, however, CreationsByRobin's suggestion was my favorite: Lake Havasu Falls.

Lake Havasu is in the Grand Canyon. She said the copper color reminded her of the Grand Canyon, and the aqua and blue colors dangling from the pendant reminded her of waterfalls. I agree.

If its not really at all like the one in the project a month calendar, why is it my project of the month? Because it took me a month to find everything to make the set come together of course! I am offering a discount for if these two items are purchased as a set, see my shop for details.

*** This inspired me to make a Grand Canyon themed treasury*** Check it out before it expires on Monday 2/25/08 at 09:42!

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