Friday, April 25, 2008

April's Project: Cinnamon and Sugar Bracelet

I modified April's Chunky Quartz Nugget Bracelet project of the month from my BeadStyle calendar to a chunky goldstone version.

Being the "particular" person that I am, I tend to shy away from asymmetry in my pieces. I've tried to be bold and live on the edge but I have a thing for symmetry. Oddly enough, the bracelets idea that I was following called for a very symmetrical pattern of quartz beads with metal spacers and glass beads, and I left my comfort zone and threaded the beads at random.

My supply list included copper spacers, goldstone beads of varying sizes, copper spacers, and glass beads with a metallic copper appearance. Including the antique copper finish lobster clasp, the bracelet is 8.2 inches in length (21 cm). It's a great piece for anyone that likes chunky jewelry.

The goldstone reminded me of a cinnamon sugar mixture I used to put on toast when I was a kid, hence the name Cinnamon and Sugar Bracelet.

Want to buy it? I'll take 10% off this bracelet for you if you tell me you read about it on my blog. If using PayPal, go through the motions of buying it up to the part where you continue with PayPal. Stop there and I'll send you an updated invoice through PayPal. Put in your message to the seller that you read about it on my blog.

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Blaze said...

What a perfect name for those colors! I love cinnamon and sugar on my toast! Beautiful work!