Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It Always Snows In April

At least from what I remember, even if it's just a little bit.

There is an email forward that I have seen circulating several times called "You know you live in Upstate New York If..." It lists several situations that us in the North can relate to. My favorite line of the joke is:

'Your four seasons are: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.'

So true! I was running errands the other day and all over I saw signs stating "ROAD WORK BEGINS APRIL _______." Hopefully they will fix the potholes that the winter has brought us. Meanwhile, we have had a few nice days in a row. If we didn't hit 600, then we came pretty close.

By this time of year, I have pretty much lost my mind and can't wait to get outside. Typically we get a few nice days of near sixty degree weather and then - BAM! - A snow storm comes out of nowhere. A woman that used to work with me told me to always wait until Memorial Day Weekend to plant your flowers outside - because it always snows in April, and there is always a chance of frost well into May. Well - I'm done with snow, so here's to hoping for a snow free April! With the recent weather, maybe its a sign that the snow will keep away until next winter.

During our little heat wave, I have been trying to find stuff to do outside. I was so desperate that I cleaned my car. I contemplated raking the back yard and picking up some of the branches that fell during the ice storms, then realized I'd have to shovel the back yard before I could rake it.

I do have some things to look forward to coming up, though. I have the Mets game on Saturday and my sister and I joined the Adirondack Mountain Club and we have some hikes lined up! We are going for the fire tower badge!


Kellybot said...

Minnesota had snow in April too. It was horrible.

Hyla said...

I live in upstate NY also! Blech! I wish I could move I hate snow but my husband was born here, alas. And as you know most born here NYers never seem to want to leave...not sure why, no jobs, high gas prices, not so nice people,(most of the time)

Oh well. I guess Ill stay and keep buggin him to get the hell outta here!

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

It's the mountains and the family :)

HomeMadeOriginals said...

lot's of snow here (Idaho) in April too. Looking forward to retirement when I plan to be in a warm climate in the winter.

AliciaMae said...

I miss snow! I've been in North Carolina for a year and a half now...we're looking to move to New Hampshire so I can have snow...careful what I wish for huh?! :) lol