Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Perfect Storm

Meet Stormy Designs! Stormy is a mother, young grandmother, former waitress, woodworker, and an outstanding artist. When she became an empty nester with some extra time on her hands, she got back into beading. Thanks to the difficulty finding beads she liked a helpful little push from a dear friend, she discovered her talent in making her own polymer clay beads and pendants. She has since expanded her creations to coasters and designer tins as well.

Art has always been in her life; her father was award winning professional photographer, her mother a painter. Even both sets of grandparents were artistic. Stormy successfully ran a country wood craft business earlier in her life and has done tole painting. Now she sticks to polymer clay and beading, and she particularly enjoys sculpting polymer clay into objects like flowers and dragons.

Stormy Designs is the name of her Etsy shop where she sells her creations. The name Stormy comes from a nickname a customer gave her while waitressing - she liked it and it stuck! All the pictures here are Stormy Designs originals and can purchased through the picture links. Be sure to check out her entire store though!


HareAndDrum said...

Great story! I wonder what she did when waitressing to be called Stormy. :)

Barbra said...

Great blog. Love learning about talented others!

Unknown said...

Great feature! Great Blog!