Friday, May 15, 2009

Decoupage Alphabet Tile Bracelets

My newest line of jewelry are my Alphabet Tile Bracelets. I like the whole idea of Scrabble Tile Pendants, but I personally prefer pendants a little larger than a Scrabble tile. I bought alphabet craft tiles because they looked a little bigger than an authentic Scrabble tile, but they are still a little small for my liking, so I decided to drill holes through the sides and string some together and make a bracelet.

With my Cat Eyes and Butterflies bracelet, I decorated the tiles with a colorful assortment of floral and butterfly paper. I used cat eye beads of matching colors to add some flair, and they were threaded into a double stranded bracelet with a Life is Good metal toggle clasp.

In my second piece, decorated with street signs and titled Bumpy Road, I got the idea to spell a related word on the reverse side of the tiles. With the road signs as a theme, I found that I had enough tiles left to spell the word "BUMPY," and can be worn with either side showing. This bracelet is on jelly stretch cord which can stretch over the hand without a need for a clasp. It'd make a cute gift for a new driver.


storybeader said...

bumpy road bracelet is such a good idea - and so cute!

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