Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Breaking the Chain

Remember back before email forwards, there were the dreaded chain letters? I personally did not receive too many, but I remember my mom would open one up and groan. "Send this to seven people, or else!" Snail mail chain letters... how retro.

I came across an article on Silcom.com, "Chain Letter Evolution," in which the author studies chain mail trends, and gives a little history. The author points out that prior to photocopiers, chain letters were typed or handwritten; can you imagine? (Of course, some of you probably can.) This led to misspellings, misprints, and variations of future chain letters.

In the era of internet and email, they are passed much more quickly with just a click of a button. Some electronic chain letters promise luck, wealth, or true love, but warn of eternal unhappiness for breaking the chain. I just take my chances and delete them all now, figuring if anybody is monitoring what lands in my private inbox and what I send to others, then I have more problems than I thought.

Since the birth of chain and spider email, an even newer internet chain has evolved - the blog meme. I've now been tagged "it" on two blog memes, twice. I feel guilty for breaking the meme chain, as my blog taggers thought enough of me to play. Instead just breaking the chain, I'm going to give my two recent taggers a little exposure, since they were kind enough to link to my blog in theirs!

On the topic of chain letters being somewhat retro, ironically so are my taggers!

TexasVintage tagged me passing on the Brillante Blog Award. Technically it was my first time being tagged with this title, but I had previously been tagged with the Primio Arte y Pico award, which is similar enough to make me not want to play again, plus I'm running out of friends to tag. TexasVintage is a fellow EtsyBloggers teammate, and has a beautiful blog, "Adventures in Vintage." There are a lot of cool vintage items in her Etsy shop, and as a child of the 80's I have a not-so-secret love of things from that decade - and nothing says 80s like a puff sleeves sweater dress! Check out her Vintage 80s St. John Knit Day Dress!

Another EtsyBlogging buddy, we'll call her HBIC for short, tagged me for a variation of a "seven things about me" meme, but this called for 14! Nobody wants to hear fourteen things about me, trust me. Want to guess what HBIC sells? Handmade retro kitchen items and other household things! I love the retro trapezoid mouse pad below. I found on her blog, "Home Deconomics," a link to another retro blog, "Trapped in the 80s Moms," which I now subscribe to.

Anyway, thanks TexasVintage and HBIC for thinking of me!


storybeader said...

You're brave! I just kept silent, and hoped no one would notice! Oopps, cat's out of the bag. {:-D

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

I remember that whole snail mail chain letter thing! I got one when I was in high school about a "great" deal with an investor in Nigeria...

Anonymous said...

LingOL, I did what Story did after the 3rd of one. And like Rose, I remember the chain letters...they still come via email and AKJ, I too risk hitting the delete button!

I think what you did do is fab. You acknowledged the givers in a very nice way and told a story at the same time. A better way to share the bloggy lovin.


A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Storybeader- the trick is not announcing it :)

RW-I hope you didn't fall for that!

Thanks Lil

Home Deconomics said...

I appreciate the kind words much more than a game of Tag! Thanks for handling it with such aplomb :)