Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tag - Round Five

I'm quickly realizing that my blog networking is leading to serial attacks of being tagged "It". This round is similar to round 1 (Seven things about me) and round 3 (seven random facts about me PLUS seven strange things about me for a grand total of 14 things that nobody ever wanted to know about me all of which are all strange because I am far beyond normal), which I combined with Round 4, broke the chain, and just did a little feature on the two people that tagged me.

I began to wonder if I have such an interesting life that I even have six secrets. I decided I did, though not many juicy ones. I'm not sharing the dark ones because then I won't have any secrets, making me more boring than you initially thought. I'll just share the... lesser known.... aspects of my life.Still with me? So if I haven't already put you to sleep, here are six secrets about me.

Ok here it goes. Deb, aka Storybeader, tagged me. I have to tag 5 people. I'm going to tag the newest of the newbies on the Etsyblogger team, since I know quite a bit about the longer term members but not much about them. Initiation? Getting to know you? Whatever.

1. I am absolutely EVIL for about 1 -2 hours after waking up in the morning. Don't talk to me because I have nothing nice to say, however, your chances of surviving are directly proportional to the amount of coffee that you provide me.

2. I am jealous that Deb knows Stormy's real name. I am providing an Etsy Mini below of Stormy's work in hopes that I can bribe her into telling me her real name.

3. I'm not a hugger. If I hug you it will be awkward - it's nothing personal.

4. I TiVo programs on Discovery Health Channel and TLC. I also yell at the TV when shows and medical programs make ignorant and inaccurate statements and assumptions, particularly pertaining to the laboratory. For example, a doctor on General Hospital once asked another character to donate blood for a dying character because they too had the rare blood type AB and said that the patient could only get AB blood. False. They can get A, B, AB, or O blood. And the Red Cross tests donor blood for things like HIV prior to providing the supply to the hospitals. Obviously. I almost stopped watching. In sum, secret #4 is that I'm a big dork. Mmmmmm, actually, that's not really even a secret.

5. I have Dopa Responsive Dystonia. My fingers do stupid things, I like to think that beading makes them stronger.

6. As opposed to adult secret #1 when I was a kid, caffeine used to make me evil, thus I couldn't even eat a candy bar until I was about 12. There are stories of childhood me dressed up like Peter Pan jumping from couch to chair to other furniture after a grandmother had secretly given me a contraband Snickers bar for Halloween.

Sorry that Storybeader asked?

Anyway, now I tag:


Human Touch Designs



Welcome to the Etsybloggers Team!

Coffee picture borrowed from here.


SpiritMama said...

Halloween must have been a bummer for you as a kid!

Thanks for sharing your quirky secrets!

storybeader said...

hey, that was a great post! But I'm surprised that you even watch General Hospital - now that's a secret I wouldn't admit, if I did...watch...

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Secret - I get mad at tv shows that get things wrong too. And between my medical personal medical history, being widely read, and my husbands geek side... Let's just say they get it wrong on tv a LOT!

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Actually, spiritmama, it was still basically my favorite day ever. I had to trade any chocolate with my dad who would buy a bag of white chocolate Nestles bars. To this day I hate hate hate white chocolate. I couldn't trick or treat other than to aunts, uncles, grandmothers, and grandfathers houses anyway, so there wasn't much in the bag to trade!! Oh.... there's another secret - I was 20 years old and a sophomore in college when I went trick or treating for the first time. My roommates felt bad for me and took me.

Deb - Isn't General Hospital getting ridiculous now? I'm addicted and committed what can I say :)

Ruthie - writers really need to do more research

Human Touch Designs said...

Thanks for including me! I think you're right, we may be related with all of the similarities! Ha!

Bubbles said...

interesting facts, it would drive me mad if I was tagged so many times as I am such a boring person I wouldn't know what to say :P