Friday, September 12, 2008

The leaves are changing colors...

...and your jewelry can too!

I got my inspiration for this piece from a leaf shaped piece of wood and a sheet of scrapbook paper. I thought the leaf would make a nice fall pendant and went in search of something to decorate it with. In the scrapbook paper aisle, I found a single sheet that had both a red-orange pattern and a beige and tan pattern. Instantly, the thought "REVERSIBLE PENDANT" came to mind.

I used decoupage technique to glue and laminate the paper on both sides. I drilled a
hole through the top and wrapped around gold plated wire to create a bail. It is on a simple brown leather cord and fastened with gold plated ends and a clasp. I gave it the title Reversible Maple Leaf Pendant. Feeling red-hot and bold today? Wear it on the flashy side. Feeling mellow? Go beige and tan. Or switch it up in the middle of the day... The leaves are changing, why can't you?

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