Friday, September 19, 2008

An Interesting Project

My mother-in-law recently introduced me to Brooke, another Etsy seller, who recently rolled with a very interesting idea. She opened a second shop, ThePearProject, on Etsy where she sells old materials for new inspirations. Anyone who purchases from this shop is invited to send her pictures and links of their creations made with her items, which she will then feature on her blog.

After breaking the ceiling fan pull in my kitchen, I decided that I would eventually make myself a new one. I saw ball chain necklaces for sale in ThePearProject, and contacted Brooke hoping I could buy more than the five that she had for sale. She got right back to me, creating a listing for 10! They arrived a few short days later and I got to work. Trying to think of popular colors and themes in kitchens, I decided to make one for a fruit themed kitchen. It wasn't until I was done making this polymer clay fruit ceiling fan pull that I realized that I found inspiration in not only the chain, but her shop name as well! The Pear Ceiling Fan Pull is made with green polymer clay mixed with eye shadow to make it look like a real piece of fruit. I then painted it with clay gloss so it would shine.

I made a second one out of aventurine beads. I'm sure there is a home with a green room and a ceiling fan, or at least a family in need of prosperity! Aventurine is a variety of quartz that is thought to have an all-purpose healing effect, such as calming the soul and reducing stress. Not only that, but it is thought to bring prosperity, creativity, inner peace, and even luck to gamblers! If you could use inner peace, luck, and creativity, then you might want the Aventurine Heart Ceiling Fan Pull.

It turns out that the balls on the ball chain necklace are slightly smaller than those of standard size ceiling fan pulls, so I attached a slightly larger endcap so that they will fit on standard ceiling fans. While I will probably use ball chains from the hardware store to make more pulls, I plan on using the rest of these necklaces to sport my handmade decoupage pendants, such as my Fall Foliage Colorburst Pendant.

Here is my feature on The Pear Project Blog. Now go and buy from her shop before she's sold out!


storybeader said...

Great pull chain themes! So, you're getting into polymer clay, eh? The pear looks very life like. Good luck with them. {:-D

Mama Z said...

I love all of the pull chains! I can't believe that's the first time you've made them! They are great! In our old house we had vaulted ceilings and I remember having to climb onto to a chair to grab the fan pull and when my sister came to visit she asked why I didn't buy a pull chain and I was shocked that I had never thought of the idea! :D

[] said...

Love the blue one too! I just posted it on my blog. Keep sending me emails of your new items, I'd love to see them, and get in touch if you'd be interisted in selling the pulls on I think they would be a great household item addition!

Anonymous said...

Such a brilliant idea! Love the aventurine heart....and there are a zillion combinations you could do.

I'm going to have to check out that shop - sounds intriguing...