Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meet the Team Captain

Joeyandalleethea is a two-year veteran at, and the founding leader of the EtsyBloggers Street Team which became an official team about a year ago. She has finally conceded to being the EtsyBloggers Street Team's Featured Blogger of the Month, after giving the crown to several fellow teammates, including me, before giving it to herself. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, our team was even featured in The Storque and a team treasury was put on the front page for an hour of additional fame.

Joey, as we call her, is a talented mother, making "super cutesie" items for baby boys, girls, and their peeps. She and her husband have an adorable two year old son and a newborn baby girl, which make great models for her items.

Her Anklebiters Lounge Pants are probably my favorite item in the shop, mostly because I want an adult sized pair. I'm all about comfy clothes!

And check out the bib for a black tie event - the James Bond Tuxedo Bib.

When baby shower shopping, I typically can't figure out what or where anything on the registry is. I often resort to clothes and bibs, as I understand their functions, and they are easy to find. One of my favorite gifts to give are novelty bibs and onesies. I think this Make Love Not War Onesie is a riot.

Anyway, check out her Etsy Shop, check out her blog. She takes custom orders as well, but book in advance because she's really popular!


storybeader said...

those ankle biters are my favorite, too! Etsybloggers rock!

Made by Melissa said...

I agree, I love the ankle biters too!